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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  January 15, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> quick housekiping item here. we spoke with author and former new york lieutenant governor betsy mccoy, discussing her book, "beating obamacare," we featured an older book of hers. we want to clarify that this is the new book. called "beating obamacare,," navigating the my health care law, now on sale. and a story we brought to you yesterday, florida's python challenge. yesterday, they hadn't caught any. state wildlife officials say the amateur python fighters have caught 11 of the invasive pythons. wetold but this yesterday. more than a thousand people from 30 states are taking part in this, trying to catch the
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pythons that are disrupting flor did's fragile ecosystem. thanks for watching. >> shepard: only 149,989 left, right? >> good luck with that, phil. >> he'll have a great time. the news begins anew. the one-time great hero, lance armstrong is a disgrace, really to humankind and is a liar and a cheat. has spoken with oprah and is dishing details of her interview. lance armstrong appears continue in a whole new batch of legal trouble. the disaster that this is, coming up. house lawmakers set to vote on billions of dollars to help families, suffering after super storm sandy. despite criticism from the lawmakers in the northeast, some in congress say they can't vote for the bill. president obama set to unveil major gun control proposals, coming tomorrow, we are led to believe. already conservative lawmakers
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are lashing out. unless breaking news changes everything on studio "b." but first, 3:00 in new york city, the disgraced cyclist lance armstrong has fessed up, it aper, admitting he did use performance-enhancing drugs and lay lying about it and all the millions of dollars in lawsuits and all the rest. oprah winfrey said he made the admission in a two and-a-half-hour sit-down yesterday, that she will air in its entirety. it was the biggest interview of oprah's career and lance armstrong brought it. >> i would say he did not come clean in the matter that i expected. it was surprising to me. i would say that... for myself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers. >> the confession came hours after he apologized to the staff
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of the live strong cancer charity he founded. he stepped away from that organization, following the ruling that stripped him of seven tour de france titles. he is banned from competitive cycling forever. it could open him up to a set of new legal troubles. the feds are deciding whether to join the lawsuit, claiming that lance armstrong defrauded his former team sponsor, the united states postal service -- read, the federal government. we have more on this story this afternoon. why oprah? do we know that yet? >> reporter: no. a lot of critics are asking the very same thing. remember, after the interview, oprah said that lance armstrong came, quote, ready. now people are asking, did oprah come to that interview ready? oprah said today on cbs that she read and studied for this like a college exam. she came in with 112 prepared questions. you heard her earlier say, he didn't come clean in the manner she expected. but later she said, she was
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satisfied. listen. >> i went in prepared to have to dig and pull and reference because i was -- literally, in my head on page 76 of the recent decision, if he says this, i will go to that. and if he says this answer, i will go to -- seven deadly sins, page 114. i didn't have have -- have to do that because he was pretty forthcoming. >> reporter: armstrong's lawyers were not allowed to sit in on the interview. oprah was asked why did he come out now? she responded by saying, he said that he was ready. shep. >> shepard: critics point out, the obvious. he's been a bit deceptive over time. >> reporter: they point out if he has been lying like this for 12 years, why would we believe anything he has to say to oprah on thursday and friday night. they point out in the u.s. anti-doping agency report, 1,000 paiblgs, didn't say he was just
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doping, but he was the ring leader. he was the pablo escobar of steroids and the report accused armstrong of ruining the lives and reputations of anybody who blew the whistole him or got in his way. one writer says, watch the oprah interview with a jaundiced eye. listen. >> most people -- their knowledge of cycling is extending as far as lance. they don't know or care about the specifics. what this guy did was so much more than just got caught cheating and take a few drugs. he went out to destroy lives. >> so far, no word of any more lawsuits coming down because of this admission, shep. >> shepard: you know, there has always been a cureiosity about whether the doping and the steroids caused the cancer? >> reporter: yeah, it's been going on many years. "usa today" reported that he
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told oprah winfrey he was using performance-enhancing drugs, prior to being diagnosed with testicular cancer. former teammates have testified that the doping preceded the cancer. now, could it have caused the cancer? it's unknown. the american cancer society does not list steroids or perform asbestos-enhancing drugs to testicular cancer. the only study linking steroids to cancer was liver cancer. and the doctor from the a-team says there is no evidence linking pets with steroids and cancer. >> shepard: we have more. i hate to even talk about this guy that much, with all that he has done to so many people. but here we are. this is a chance to get back into the decathlon and the rest. >> that's his bottom line. he is looking at his bottom line. how is he going to make money. all of his endorsers have dropped him.
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the american public never going to believe him. where is he going to make his money and try to build back up his reputation as a triathlete? >> shepard: have you to get there first. >> you have to get there. >> shepard: one thing we have been hearing for days from people who manage crisis and public relations, have you to come completely clean after you have been completely dirty. >> reporter: we don't know if he did. it's troubling to have oprah couch her answer saying he didn't come clean the way we thought he was going to come clean. that's troubling to me, how clear did he come? how far away did he come from the truth? >> shepard: jonathan hunt's here, too. we have been talking about how -- the sound bites we ran, this was much more than cycling and doping. he ruined lives around him, all the time? >> he's ruined lives within the cycling community. he has also ruined the reputation of an entire form. nobody is going to trust any cyclist for years to come.
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one international olympic committee member is saying that cycling could be axed from the olympics because of lance armstrong's standal -- scandal. extraordinary. >> shepard: everything that he did that was good seems to be overridden for the moment. >> completely out the window. the team masseuse, friends on his cancer bed that -- that said in the public that he had expressed to the doctors that he had taken these drugs. he tried to sue them into oblivion. this is a guy who weare going to go back to and believe anything he says. as you said, this is a despicable human being. he is only looking out for himself. >> shepard: and taking down others along the way. there are a lot of legal problems ahead. >> a lot of legal problems for him and civil suits and criminal actions as well. >> shepard: and the postal service, you must not forget. thank you. the u.s. house is set to vote on an aid bill for the victims of
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super storm sandy. the bill has divided republicans. those from the hard-hit northeast have slammed members from their own party. but fiscal conservatives have criticized it for projects that have nothing to do with helping people recover from sandy. meantime, two and-a-half months after sandy, two and-a-half months, demolition crews are tearing down some homes that the storm damaged beyond repair. rick levanthol is there for that. two and-a-half months, man, this is taking a long tim. >> reporter: it has. the homeowners were consulted before any of the houses were torn down. the houses had to be inspected. the homeowners were given a lot of time to clear out their belongings and were offered grief counselors to help them deal with the pain of seeings houses like this one, leveled to the ground. some of the houses in this ocean breeze neighborhood were built in the 20s and it took only 20 minutes to tear them down. the work done by a contractor,
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paid by the city. 100 homes slated to be torn down here in staten island and a couple hundred more in brooklyn and the rockaways. but the rebuilding is up to the homeowner and they may have to wait, depending on insurance money and possible changes from the federal government on flood zones. >> shepard: that happened in south mississippi as well, the waiting was so difficult. it can't be easy to watch your home go down like this. mighty tough? >> reporter: yeah. some people are not watching. we met thewoman who own this is house. it was hard for her to talk. she walked away before the job was done. we met a family yesterday that sent their mother to texas so she wasn't there for the pain of seeing all of those memories bulldozed. we spoke to ray wilier, who spent 52 years, he and his family in a house, he was raised there with five siblings. he says he hopes to rebuild but calls this an emotional roller coast every. >> one day you have 800
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volunteers, handing out gift cards for gas or food. a little girl was giving me cupcakes. it was amazing humanity. the next day, you find out you were booted, nasomebody kicked in your basement window and robbed all your plumbing. >> reporter: if you ask these people about insurance, most of them laugh and shake their head. one man told me it was horrible and just not right. most of them are waiting to get paid. >> shepard: mighty tough. rick, thank you. gun laws here in new york state are about to get a whole lot more restrictive. lawmakers are the first in the nation to respond to the sandy hook school massacre with tougher regulations on everything from ammunition clips to mental health checks. the new rules for guns in new york state, coming up. plus, a commuter train crashes into an apartment building. so why was the cleaning lady driving the train? and why didn't she just keep it
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>> shepard: today, lawmakers here in new york state are expected to pass the toughest gun restriction laws in the nation. the first new gun laws since last month's massacre at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. the new york governor, andrew cuomo made the legislation a centerpiece of his new year. analysts say it should easily pass with support from both parties, bipartisanship in albany. among the proposed change, an expanded ban assault weapons to outlaw semi-automatic pistols and rifles and reduce high high-capacity magazines to 7 bullets down from 10. it would create a state registry for all private gun sales, requiring background checks on all buyers. and would require therapists to
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report a patient if the therapist thinks he or she might use a gun illegally. we have impassioned arguments by lawmakers in albany, new york, today. they are really into it. >> as one might expect. the debate's ongoing. in the new york state assembly. but prior to today's debate, governor cuomo made it very clear that she is extremely proud that his is the first state in the nation to take action since the massacre in newtown. here's governor cuomo. listen. >> will it solve all the problems in this area? no. but tell make a significant difference. i think new yorkers can -- can feel that their government is responsive and the state is a safer state. >> as you mentioned, this is a bipartisan effort. in fact, it was passed by the new york state senate, which has a republican-controlled coalition. but that is not to say there aren't voices in opposition. here's a couple of those.
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listen. >> we are taking up a bill that, number 1, tramples on the constitutional rights of our constituents to legally possess firearms. i think this is a tragic day for freedom and liberty, not only in new york, but in the world. >> of course, what is going on in the new york state assembly is a preview of the arguments we are likely to hear in congress, after president obama gives us his proposal in detail. >> shepard: there is a mental health provision within this new legislation. it's interesting. >> it is. tell require any therapist thinks that their patient might be a danger to themselves or others to report that patient to the authorities. now, governor cuomo says that is an important step in keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. some doctors, though, are concerned about the effect it might have. one telling the associated press, for instance, quote: the prospect of being report to the local authorities, even if they do not have weapons may be
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enough to discourage patients with suicidal or homicidal thoughts from seeking treatment or from being honest about their impulses. one more indication, shep, that in this entire debate, there are no easy answers. >> shepard: no, there are not. the president will announce a comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence tomorrow. that's the word from the white house today. yesterday, vice-president biden gave the president a list of recommendations from his task force. officials on capitol hill say the president is considering measures he could take on his own. but the white house today says there are limits to what he can do without congress. what do we know about the announcement tomorrow. >> shepard: >> reporter: the president will appear with members of congress and with children who wrote to him in the wake of the sannie hook massacre and call for a combination of actions by congress and recommendations from the task force, chaired by vice-president bideeb, things the government can do on its own.
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>> reporter: aides say the president won't back down on hahe considers sensible proposals because they are unlikely to pass congress. but harry reid says he won't ask for a politically difficult vote on proposals he knows can't pass the house. >> shepard: at the white house this afternoon. thank you. the feds are pushing new rules that would ban pilots pilots frg
12:21 pm
their cell phones while they fly. common sense or unwanted regulations? we will take a look. pentagon officials are hoping to help the french with intelligence and transport as they take on militias in africa. a serious escalation going on. they say the u.s. troops are out of the picture. write that down.
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>> shepard: the united states is offering to help france in its fight against al qaeda-linked militants in western africa. but the pentagon is stopping short of putting any u.s. troops on the ground. that's from defense secretary leon panetta, talking about the offensive against islamic are rebels in mali. mali is one of the poorest
12:25 pm
nations on the planet. a groiing home base for islamic extremists, we are led to believe. secretary panetta says the u.s. will help with intelligence and supply, but there are no plans to commit u.s. troops, at this point. all of this comes as america prepares to wine down the longest war ever in afghanistan for the united states. the secretary says that the u.s. will face huge threats from abroad. >> the fact is that the war on terrorism continues. we have made good progress. we have undermightmined their ay to conduct the attacks they would like to conduct. but the war on terrorism continues. >> shepard: french troops could face a very difficult in mali, a nation that some analysts have called a flat afghanistan. islamic extremists control much of the northern part of the country. yesterday, they took a town in central mali. an american pastor jailed in iran is set to go before a notoriously tough judge now,
12:26 pm
known as the hanging judge. the american pastor you see here is christian reverend. he is a christian reverend. iranian officials have charge him with compromising national security. his supporters say iran is punishing him for his beliefs, but he could be in serious trouble at his trial next week. the hanging judge has a reputation for handing down long prison terms and death sentences for prisoners. >> reporter: the american pastor is in an iranian prison awaiting trial on charges that could result in the death penalty. his crime? establishing a network of churches in people's homes. iranians say his work undermines national security. although he was arrested last september, the criminal charges date back to the year 2000, when he converted from islam to christianity, which carries the death sentence in iran. he became a u.s. citizen after
12:27 pm
his marriage to an american woman and says he is being tortured in prison. days ago, the state department called on iran not to violate his human rights. >> he was arrested by iranian officials more than 3 months ago on charges related to his religious beliefs. he understand a hearing will be held soon. we call on iran officials to respect their own laws and provide him access to an attorney. >> reporter: supporters say, during the trim trial, his fate will be in the hands of a judge who is a jurist with a reputation of being one of iran's hanging judges. following the 2009 iranian elections, he handed out death sentences to several human rights activists. he is a shattedoy figure who never appears in public. there are no known photos of the judge. in 2011, the european union named him as a judge who could face personal sanctions because of human rights violations. the pastor remains steadfast and
12:28 pm
says he is prepared to hang for his life in jesus. it is unclear when if ever he will see his wife and kids again. his supporters are urging washington to do more to pressure iran to set him free. shep? >> shepard: david lee, thanks. we interrupt regular programming for breaking news. there has been a shooting -- another shooting -- at another school. and right now, the reporting of our station in st. louis, there is an active gunman on campus now and an enormous police presence. we go to the computer to read you information you got during david lee's report. an active shooting situation. a gunman on the campus of stevens institute of business and arts in downtown st. louis. now, this may be better known to many of you by its previous name, it was patricia stevens college when it opened in 1947 and they recently changed the name. anyway, two confirmed shooting injuries already.
12:29 pm
a gunman on the loose. according to the reporting of our station in st. louis, he is on the fourth floor of the building. multiple gunshots fired. a tremendous police presence on the scene. authorities are clearing the building floor by floor. a developing story. local news crews are on the way. another shooting in another school, as the gun control debate continues. we expect to have pictures and new information out of st. louis in just a moment. so woe will take a quick commercial break and we'll be right back. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of breaking news in st. louis, at what was formerly patricia stevens college, on washington avenue in downtown st. louis. a shooting has happened. the following information is from the reporting of the st. louis post dispatch. i can't confirm it. but that i are saying at least one person is injured by the gunman, according to scanner traffic. the suspected gunman believed to be a 21-year-old man who has reportedly shot himself. this is from the st. louis post dispatch. two men were brought from the building on stretchers and loaded onto ambulances. one left immediately while the other was idling in front of the building. nearly two dozen squad cars are reported to be around the building, helicopters flying overhead. s.w.a.t. team moving through the building. washington avenue closed off. a school shooting in downtown st. louis at the stevens institute of business and arts.
12:34 pm
we will have more from there as we are expecting a live reporter on the scene momentarily. a day after president obama told congress to raise the debt ceiling without delay, we are getting a similar warn from this leading credit rating agencies. reporting that fail tower increase the debt limit in time could cost the country's credit rating. s&p stripped the u.s. of its triple-a rating after the disaster over the debt in 2011. members of congress are asking for spending cuts to go along with the increase in the borrowing authority. but the president insists they are two separate issues. what is happening in washington, d.c.? >> reporter: house speaker john boehner says the american do not support raising the debt ceiling without cutting spending at the same time. boehner calls the debt an anchor on our economy. here's the leading senate republican, making his point.
12:35 pm
>> it's sort of like you have a kid who exceeds the credit card limit. you tear up the credit card, but you look at the spending. the republicans are willing to pay for past bills. these are about future bills. the president is missing the point that we are on an unsustainable path. >> reporter: portman acknowledges the need to raise the debt ceiling, but he supports the context of getting a handle on the spenning. >> shepard: this is disaster relief for victims of super storm sand gee right. we have had plenty of lawmakers saying we need to get a handle on government spending, but not when people are waiting for major disaster relief money. a key new jersey democrat is saying people from new york, new jersey and connecticut pay their fair share. three state, 16% of the taxes. you ask the question: who suffered because of super storm sandy? certainly, our neighbors in new york and new jersey and
12:36 pm
connecticut suffered the most. but all americans will suffer if this economic engine is not rebuilt. >> reporter: a number of lawmakers have made the point, it is all about the northeast. but tomorrow, it could be a quake in california. it could be tornados in the midwest or a hurricane in florida. so they're suggesting you may want to be careful taking a hard line on disaster relief money, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel, thank you. veterans are having a hard time getting jobs in many cases. now, a job for every veteran returning who wants one. that, from wal-mart. its u.s. president says they plan to hire more than 100,000 veterans over five years. the program starts on memorial day. he says all vets without a dishonorable disharj are eligible. first lady michelle obama called the decision historic and says she will urge other companies to do the same thing. critics say wal-mart officials are trying to repair the company's image, after discriminations of unfair labor
12:37 pm
practices. be that as it may, rick newman is here, author of the book, "rebounders: how winners pivot from setback to success. i am sure what every veteran has been dreaming about is being a stock -- re-stocker at wal-mart. but >> i don't think that's why they went into the military, to stock shelves. it is a nice gesture by wammart. tell certainly is a good cause. their heart's in the right place. wal-mart has had controversy, recently, accused of cutting benefits, keeping people on part-time status so they don't have to pay for full-time status. will the policies be different with veterans? the you keep them on part-time status so they don't get benefits? or will you give them a better path to success? walpart is controversial because it is the largest seller of guns and it doesn't want to be part of the big gun control debate. so they are coming out with nice
12:38 pm
news. >> shepard: i have been wondering about that. if you want to get rid of the loopholes with gun shows and the rest, what better partner than wal-mart. they want you to buy it at the big white-and-blue stores that have taken over every small town of america and changed our lives. >> they don't want to say, we favor more restrictions for gun buyers because they are some of their biggest cuff mers. they want the business, but they don't want the controversy. >> shepard: jobs for veterans has been a problem for a long time. i know a couple of people who own businesses who are always trying to hire veterans. veterans are going to need education and counseling, so many things that we as a society ought to offer. >> one of the best things that is needed in this economy is a college degree. a the love vets come out and they need the college degree. they have leadership skills. everyone who hires vets say they are great employees, they are disciplined and know how to get
12:39 pm
the job done. that's not an excuse for not getting a college degree. get vets through college and more college aid and things like that. get them where the jobs are. another problem is that people don't necessarily live with the jobs are. that's another thing we need to do. >> shepard: mobility. give them a hand up. >> thanks? >> new details on the school shooting in st. louis. downtown st. louis. trace gallagher has breaking information. what's happening? >> reporter: as you said, this is the stevens institute of business and art. we have learned, our fox affiliate in st. louis reporting that two people have been shot. and one victim was found shot in a stairwell of this school, which is at least four stories tall. this is for all intents and purposes, a trade school. they have fashion, interior design, paralegal, hospitality. and the gunman apparently was up on the fourth floor and now there are reports the gunman has turned the gun on himself, shot himself in the chest and
12:40 pm
s.w.a.t. teams are inside the building. and they have cleared at least the first four floors of this school. it is hard to see with no live pictures how tall the building is. he was on the fourth floor. there were shots fired. one victim found in the stairwell. this was orientation day for the schooling, which is a trade school. there are reports coming out of our fox affiliate that the shooter, a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. both victims have been taken away. as we get more, we will get back to you. >> shepard: you might think pilots would focus on flying at 600 miles per hour. but a plane does a lot of work for you -- apparently. and well, they can go to the bathroom and apparently make a phone call. up next, proposed new rules to keep the pilots' eyes on the skies instead of their cell phones and ipads, coming up.
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>> shepard: some rez losing in
12:44 pm
breaking news in st. louis, where there has been a school shooting. cops tell fox news, the gunman is in custody and he was taken into custody after hoe shot himself in the chest. at least two people have been shot at this school. stevens institute of business and arts. it's a very small college, downtown on washington avenue. a couple of hundred students. 10 per class, they testimony us. but a 21-year-old is suspected of going in with a gun and shooting at least one person. there are two victims, we don't be if that means the shooter and two victims, we don't know yet. this is another shooting at another school. the s.w.a.t. teams are on the scene, making sure there are no other gunmen. but they don't think so. updates when we gret them and on fox report. lawmakers some several states have targeted texting and driving and now the feds are going after texting and flying. a propoifl would ban pilots from personal use of cell phones or electronics in a cockpit. officials with the federal aviation administration say the
12:45 pm
aim is to keep pilots from getting distracted after a pilot overshot an airport in 2009 on northwest airlines. the pilots had been messing around on their personal laptops and lost track of time. the pilots would be able to use laptops or ipads for flight-related work -- that's nice. but no more solitaire or angry birds in the long period when is the planes are on auto pilot. joining us from d.c., a former faa officer, scott brennan, the vice-president of gephardt government affairs. nice to see you. >> hey, shep. >> shepard: have you to tell a bunch of grown men and women they can't use their ipad when is they are working? >> i think it's a good idea. you are hearing a couple of cases, unfortunately in the flight that crashed up there, where the pilot was sending a text as she was pulling out of the gate. they are becoming more prevalent in society and unfortunately,
12:46 pm
more prevalent on these aircraft. >> shepard: you wonder, though, there is an electronic trail that is left by something like that. do you ban twiddling your hair? do you ban turning around, talking -- it is not as if these kines of distractions don't cause problems as well? it is just there is no electronic trail of them. >> correct, correct. if you think about the jobs that are out there, being an airline pilot is probably one that has a lot of responsibility. for me, i want my pilot paying attention to everything that's going on. things happen fairly quickly in a cockpit and can go bad fairly quickly. the pilot says, once you take off, it's boring. but you need to be monitoring those systems. at any second, something could happen that requires 100% focus on that issue. i think this is a good idea and i think most pilots are going to respect this. >> shepard: more on the breaking news from st. louis. local coverage with brand-new
12:47 pm
information. fox 2 news, ktvi for the st. louis area. let's listen. their coverage is ongoing now. >> our eye in the sky in sky fox. you just arrived on the scene. you want to paint the picture from the air? >> well, elliot, as you can tell there, there is a tremendous police presence, obviously, they file like they have partial control of the scene because there are people running around. we will go ahead and take the camera back out here and let you see how many police vehicles there are. i am unsure which building this is. i am going to say the one on the left here. but we will take you back in. at the back here is the s.w.a.t. vehicle. have you police vehicles littered all over washing wash avenue here. this is going to be shut down for quite sometime. but you will see that these folks will gather back here. there are obviously some pedestrians back on the sidewalk back here, behind the yellow line of this terrifically tragic incident downtown here.
12:48 pm
you can see the number of police car here. tremendous police presence. most of these guys will be inside the building, doing their job, investigating this crime at this point. >> shepard: to note here, we are looking, as you are here tdoes not appear there are any ambulances on the scene. those are all white police vehicles. st. louis fire department, and paramedic unit in the city, the red, square wagons. that -- i can only assume would be good news that all the victims of the shooting and we have confirmed there are at least two -- have been taken to the hospital. barnes jewish hospital in the central west end, expecting one of those victims, perhaps two. we know they are looking for one of those. that looks like a very active police scene at this point. but not seeing any fire department vehicles from this vantagepoint from that look from sky fox. >> the s.w.a.t. team moved in
12:49 pm
immediately. that's a s.w.a.t. vehicle with the crowd gathered. the london tea room is right across the street. we have been talking with the owner. she said one of the students on the elevator with the gunman came running into -- into her business and just talking about what had happened. and we had jackie james on the phone with us, right now from the london tea room. jackie, what can you tell us that you are seeing right now, going on from your location? >> well, there is -- obviously, i think a lot less people just standing around and watching. but obviously, a very high presence of police. pretty much, like i said, from the east end of our building, down to 14th is probably where the biggest amount of activity is going on. as you go west of there, there are police cars that are probably blocking washington off, right up until a little east of 18th street. police are just kind of walking around. i am not quite sure what they
12:50 pm
are doing. i am seeing helicopters circling. like i say, the people that were standing around and watching, there are less people than there were. the young man that came into the tea room, basically confirmed to me that the gunman was a student, you know, at the college. he was probably in his 20s. and obviously went in with intent to hurt his financial adviser, you know, as far as he knew, it was, as you are reporting, just the financial adviser that was shot in the chest and then the gunman turned the gun on himself-- sometimes when you cover these matters and you go to witnesses in the area, one tells a story and if somebody hears it. you never know what you are going to end up with. it is entirely possible that a 21-year-old student walked in, shot his financial adviser and shot himself. it's also entirely possible that
12:51 pm
is not what happened. so no knocks on anybody, with anything going on here, but to know what happened, we will have to wait for police and an investigation. but we can confirm, two people have gone to the hospital, as reported by our local station in st. louis. we can further tell you, we believe this person is a student, the suspect. but we don't know that yet. we are waiting to find out what happened in downtown st. louis. in washington, d.c., they work to come up with new gun control legislation to try to stop violence in schools and workplaces and in st. louis, another shooting at another school on another day in america. we'll be right back. i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. plays a key role throughout our lives.
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>> just in to fox news, the
12:55 pm
united nations peace envoy says a pair of explosions in a university has rocked that area, killed more than 80 students on the first day of exams. here's some pictures. government officials and rebel fighters are blaming each other for the blast that reportedly killed students and others in the university dorm in aleppo. dozens of people are in critical condition. state television reports terrorists launched rockets and others say syrian war planes launched missiles. you decide. the united nations says the civil war has led to the death of more than 60,000 people. you can add 82 more in a university. a four-year college in st. louis is the scene of a shooting now. and our midwest bureau is tracking developments on this. it's my understanding that the gunman is in custody. mike tobin with the late update. >> reporter: to wrap it up, there are two shot, right now.
12:56 pm
according to ktvi, one is a financial adviser at the university. you have the gun plan, down with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. what separates this from what we expect to see with the school shootings, you don't have indiscriminate gunfire. possibly what you have targeted rage. the target of that rage, quite possibliy is the financial adviser. i say possibly because as you know, when things come in fast & furious, information can change as the story develops. it's a small school downtown. police say the shooter is in custody, which also is an interesting development because that tells you the gunman survived the self-inflicted gunshot wound which we understand is a wound to the chest. both victims have been taken to the hospital. it's a st. louis university hospital. the situation seems to largely be over. still, you have a large police presence at the location. the informs is still developing. >> shepard: mike tobin, thanks.
12:57 pm
we'll be right back. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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